Since 2018 we’ve been conducting a large-scale study of erotic fantasies. In the Netherlands and Belgium we’ve interviewed over 300 people about their fantasies, both inside our traveling caravan, ‘Bolleke’, and live on stage during performances at festivals and theatres.

For this project, we’ve been particularly inspired by Nancy Friday, the American feminist and journalist who, in the 1970s, published the ground-breaking book My Secret Garden, containing the erotic fantasies of over 400 women. Although her book became a best-seller, there have been few (qualitative) studies of sexual/erotic fantasies since its publication 50 years ago — which left us wondering what people fantasize about these days. So we converted a small caravan into a sound-proof recording studio and set out to interview people across the country, at (music) festivals, conferences and other large gatherings, so we could meet people from all walks of life.

Everywhere we went we asked people the same questions:

“What are your erotic fantasies about?
And what is it about them that turns you on so much?”

After collecting literally hundreds of fantasies, we categorized these fantasies based on the answers to these questions — resulting in nine main categories and 66 subcategories.

We then used these (sub)categories as the framework for our book Yes, please! (in Dutch) and our exposition in Marres museum in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Are you interested in participating in our online study of erotic fantasies?

In 2021 we’d like to take our study beyond the Netherlands and Belgium and interview people from across the world. Sadly, for obvious reasons, taking our little caravan on a road-trip to other countries isn’t possible right now. That is why we’re currently interviewing people online using video calls. We’re specifically looking for people from outside of the Netherlands and Flanders.

If you’re interested in participating in our study, we would love to hear from you.

But first: what can you expect?

  • Online interviews are conducted by one of our experienced interviewers. Interviews are conducted in English.
  • Interviews last 20-30 minutes and you’ll be asked questions about your erotic fantasies. We conduct semi-structured interviews, so the questions that we ask somewhat vary from interview to interview and we cannot tell you in advance what exactly we’ll ask you. Our aim is to explore and understand your fantasies, so a lot of our questions will depend on the specific fantasy (or fantasies) that you share with us.
  • You’ll be asked to (digitally) sign an informed consent form and fill out a brief questionnaire that we use to gain insight into the demographics of our study population.
  • The interview audio will be recorded and transcribed. We will potentially use these recordings and the transcripts for another book and/or other creative purposes (i.e. another exhibition, sound installation, etc.). However, all data will be handled anonymously and if we were to publish your fantasy this will not, in any way, be linked to your name. Any identifiable characteristics will be removed from the audio/text.


For questions or more information, please send an email to the study coordinator, Mariëlle de Goede, at