Project Yes, please! celebrates the erotic imagination and aims to break the taboos surrounding our fantasies and sexuality. It does so by bringing together art, storytelling and science.

Eroticism revolves more around vulnerability than sex. What we find erotic is incredibly personal, making it difficult for many to share their deepest longings and fantasies. While sex ‘sells’ and is ubiquitous in most societies these days, most of us refrain from ever sharing what goes on inside our erotic minds — afraid that doing so will leave us exposed and vulnerable to the judgement of others.

That is why we set out to break what is perhaps the biggest sexual taboo of all: the taboo of being vulnerable, of ‘exposing’ our erotic desires. We started Project Yes, Please! in 2018 and have since interviewed over 300 people about their erotic fantasies in the Netherlands and Belgium — the largest study of erotic fantasies in the ‘Low Countries’ ever carried out. We collected these fantasies in a book that was published by Dutch publisher Bruna in March 2020 and subsequently also created an exhibition about erotic fantasies in the Marres museum, in the Netherlands.

Would you like to learn more about our study on erotic fantasies?

At the beginning of this year, we decided to extend our project/research beyond the Dutch/Belgian borders and interview people from all over the world. We’ve conducted around 100 interviews thus far. Learn more about our international study here.

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About Company New Heroes

Yes, please! is a project by Company New Heroes. As a professional creative organization we specialize in multidisciplinary storytelling. We combine performance and all other audiovisual arts to tell necessary stories about societal issues. For each project that we carry out, we conduct extensive research before creating a performance/exhibition/podcast/book/installation/etc. The study we are currently carrying out for project Yes, Please! is part of such research.

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