For our study we have already interviewed over 150 people live on stage about their erotic fantasies during our ‘live show’, Yes, Please! LIVE, which toured Dutch and Belgian (music) festivals in 2019. During these shows, we introduced the audience to the wonderful world of sexual fantasy research, shared insights and anecdotes from our own project, and interviewed one or two guests about their erotic fantasies.

In 2020, following the publication of our book, we transformed this live show into a presentation in which we explore the importance of eroticism and share the main findings of our study. We also organize ‘fantasy tastings’ – offering audiences the opportunity to sample the many surprising flavors of our erotic imagination. 

As our research is still ongoing, we still like to interview a guest at the end of these presentations/fantasy tastings, thereby showing the audience what our interviews are like and using it as a group conversation starter. Usually such interviews last 10-15 minutes. 

Would you be interested in attending one of our events/interviews? Keep an eye on our calendar!

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