Thus far we have collected over 300 different erotic fantasies. For an exhibition in the Marres museum in Maastricht, the Netherlands, we took our Dutch recordings, translated them into English and had trained actors read them out. Using these Dutch and English audio recordings, we have developed a ‘fantasy tasting’, which we are able to perform as either a public presentation or a more intimate workshop.  

Using a ‘fantasy menu’, which shows all the different (sub)categories of fantasies we discovered, we let the audience try different ‘flavors’ of the erotic imagination (by listening to audio recordings) to stimulate their erotic taste buds. 

Along the way, we explain how we conducted our study and we share our most important and interesting insights. The audience will be given the opportunity to choose which type of fantasy they would like to ‘sample’, based on the menu which we distribute among the audience. As we listen to the audio recordings, we’ll also explain more about the particular type of fantasy.

In short: the fantasy tasting…

  • Lasts 20 to 40 minutes.
  • Can take place in different locations, e.g. on stage or within our mobile library.
  • Can take place for a large audience or within a small group (as a workshop).
  • If carried out as a workshop, we are able to also bring small audio sets, which would allow people to listen to different recordings individually. In doing so, we can facilitate a more personal experience for the workshop participants, in which they can individually explore their favorite erotic flavors. This workshop is best conducted within our mobile library.


We like to combine the ‘fantasy tasting’ experience with a more in-depth presentation in which we explore the importance of eroticism, outline the history of erotic/sexual fantasy research and share, in more detail, the findings of our own study — including some intellectual surprises not yet acknowledged by prior research.

Would you like to attend one of our fantasy tasting sessions/workshops/presentations? Keep an eye on our calendar.

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Hosts: Lucas De Man, Mariëlle de Goede
Audio: Marc Alberto
Design: Pascal Leboucq, Naomi Janssen