Our mobile library is an inflatable installation, which is able to accommodate 20 people (with 1.5m distance between each person). It contains the outcome of the largest study of erotic fantasies in the ‘Low Lands’ ever conducted: 333 fantasies to listen to and/or read in Dutch or English.

In our mobile library you will find:

  • Original audio recordings of our interviews.
  • Fantasies divided into 9 different categories and 66 subcategories (corresponding to the structure of our book).
  • Erotic fantasies that can be listened to and read.

The mobile library is easy to set up, break down and transport and is therefore easy to install in different locations. 

We also enjoy hosting our fantasy tastings in our mobile library.

Our mobile library was part of the Yes, Please! exhibition in Marres museum, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

In the exhibition visitors were led from room to room, past veils of shame, under soft carpets and across a somewhat kinky kitchen to discover the great diversity and creativity of the human imagination. The exhibition opened on March 7, 2020 and closed August 9, 2020. Read more about the exhibition here.

Concept: Pascal Leboucq, Marc Alberto, Lucas De Man
Dramaturgy and content: Lucas De Man, Mariëlle de Goede
Design: Pascal Leboucq, Naomi Jansen, Vivien Vuong
Illustrations: Atelier Cambré 
Audio: Marc Alberto
Production: Rosa van der Flier

Co-producer: Marres museum.
Special thanks to Marres, DeBuren, all other Yes, Please! team members and all study participants.